D&T Graphics in Lockport Refits Assembly to Produce Facemasks for Healthcare Workers — Helps Restaurants with Free Banner Signs

“D&T has converted their operations to meet the Governor’s request to call on different businesses to change their operation and meet the demand of the supplies needed,” stated Niagara County Legislature Chairman Becky Wydysh Tuesday evening in a broadcast to the public.

She explained, “They’re converting their operations where they used embroidery to be able to make facemasks for our healthcare community.”  Wydysh added, “They have just delivered their first 350 masks and they’re now taking additional orders for area institutions that need those.”

Wydysh remarked that other companies from out of the area are currently price gouging and wanted to express her gratitude that D&T Graphics are charging a “fair and reasonable price.”

According to Wydysh, D&T Graphics have acted altruistically since the beginning of this crisis,

“When the shutdowns of restaurants were first announced by the Governor and everyone knew that they had to close, D&T jumped right in to try and help out.  They immediately offered to print free banner signs for restaurants that said either ‘Open’ or ‘Open for Takeout’ to help attract customers and let people know what was happening.  I’m told that they did over 100 of these banners in the community just to be a good neighbor.”