Local Parks Attendance Increases as Families Seek Safely Spaced Respite from Quarantine

The Royalton Ravine Park and the Town of Lockport Trail experienced high volumes of consciously spaced out families and couples Sunday, seeking some fresh air in a time with few recreational options. 

Governor Cuomo suggested last Thursday to fight cabin fever during orders of social distancing you might want to hit the trails and check out some nature,

“Get out of the house, go to a state park, we have beautiful state parks. By the way, traffic is down, put the kids in the car, go to a state park, go to a county park, go to a city park.”

Hikers walk at the Town of Lockport Trails.

Many heeded the Governors advice throughout New York on Sunday, including in Niagara County, where families found some relief in open spaces.

Small groups of people keep their distance walking into the Royalton Ravine Park for a day in the fresh air.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo expressed agitation with parkgoers, particularly in New York City who were using the parks to participate in large, closely knit gatherings for sports and barbeques.  The Governor stated,

“You have to socially distance. You can’t do it the way you used to. You can’t play team sports at this point. It is going to be unfortunately quite a while before that is possible again. There is no more gatherings, and no more events or big barbeques, and all of that is gone for now. It is not gone forever, but it is gone certainly for weeks and probably for months, and at some point we will able to resume a more normal life, but for now when you are going to the park, you are going for your own exercise.”

Doug Watts of Newfane walks often at the Town of Lockport Nature Trails.

One man, Doug Watts of Newfane, has been hitting the trails for years, and while he understands restrictions, does feel that “If you can walk down main street while keeping your distance, you should be able to walk through the park.”