Medina Area Partnership letter outlines needs to Governor’s office

A letter to the Governor as written by the Medina Area Partnership:

The Medina Area Partnership is a collective voice of its members and a community of peers unifying on important matters, sharing information and resources, creating an atmosphere for the betterment of the business climate in Medina, New York. MAP aims to provide a network for collaboration, education, growth, and profitability.

These are unprecedented times in which we find ourselves; both large and small private businesses are having to shoulder this economic shutdown. Adaptation and governmental support are needed.

We, small business owners, are the backbone of the Western New York, New York State and National economies.

  • 99.7% of all U.S. businesses have fewer than 500 employees
  • 96% of all U.S. businesses gross less than $1M annually (US Census Bureau: Fact Finder 1/26/18)
  • 28.8 million small businesses in the U.S.(according to a US Bank Study)
  • Of all employer firms in the U.S. (according to US Census Bureau statistics)
    • 55.4% have 1-4 employees
    • 85.5% have fewer than 20 employees
    • 94.5% have fewer than 50 employees

We are also the most likely to fail because of cash flow problems and lack of access to capital. With the current Coronavirus quarantines, these cash flow issues are already overwhelming many as we grapple with paying employees, health insurance, rents, utilities, taxes, etc. without consistent revenue coming in. This is most apparent immediately in the non-essential retail arena; it will spread to other sectors soon.

With no clear end in sight, we must make very difficult decisions. It is with this in mind that we respectfully request your action on the items below. This will enable us to concentrate on the future and take care of some immediate constraints:

  1. Extend unemployment benefits immediately for furloughed employees.
  2. Extend payments on all utilities to include water, gas, electricity and cable/phone
  3. Enact a 90-day extension on paying monthly and quarterly sales tax
  4. Make available no interest loans to very small businesses (those employing 50 or less FTEs)
  5. Support and fund the efforts of local organizations whose primary focus is to assist with small business planning, training and financial advice
  6. Eliminate penalties on late business and property taxes
  7. Create a website that educates the public on
  8. the economic impact of small business
  9. provides information and safety measures for small businesses, their employees and their patrons including measures we should follow when going to the grocery store or picking up takeout.
  10. promotes the benefits of shopping at small local businesses

On behalf of the Medina Area Partnership and its board of directors, we commend you on the swift action you’ve already taken to combat this previously unimaginable situation. Now we ask you to take these immediate actions that will directly result in businesses weathering these turbulent times together. The Medina Area Partnership and its members stand ready to assist in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us directly at or (315) 529-8418.


Scott Robinson, President

Wendy Wilson, Vice President

Ann Fisher-Bale, Secretary

Laura Gardner, Treasurer