Niagara County Manager Rick Updegrove on COVID-19 Response

Full statement on COVID-19 response from Rick Updegrove:

“Earlier today, Governor Cuomo issued several mandates in the continuing effort to control the spread of COVID-19.  One such mandate requires local governments to reduce the number of people reporting to government offices for work by 50 percent in an effort to promote social distance.”

“Niagara County will be implementing this plan, per this mandate, effective tomorrow.  This will undoubtedly impact government services across multiple departments. We are doing our best to maintain full staffing in the departments of Public Health, Emergency Services and the Sheriff’s Office and will make every effort meet other mandated obligations to the best of our ability, recognizing there will be an inevitable disruption in nonessential services.”

“As this mandate just came out today, our plans remain fluid.  I encourage anyone who has business to transact with a Niagara County department to call ahead tomorrow.  We will be releasing further details on service reductions, event cancellations and other information as those determinations are made.”