Becky Wydysh, Chairman of the Niagara County Legislature, teamed up with multiple public officials Sunday afternoon to update the public on Niagara County’s response to COVID19.

Niagara County Chairman

County Alert:

Wydysh stated, “Late last evening 3 positive cases of COVID19 were confirmed in Erie County.”  With that information in hand, she announced, “At this time, with our surrounding counties having done so, we feel it is the appropriate preemptive action to declare a state of emergency here in Niagara County as of 2 p.m. today.”

School Alert:

The Chairman also delivered a prepared statement from school officials, many seated in attendance, but not at the podium, “Niagara County has issued a state of emergency, and the Niagara County Health Department has recommended that all schools be closed for students effective March 16 and until further notice.”

Business Alert: 

Referencing the implementation of social distancing, Wydysh urged businesses to follow the new capacity regulations set forth by the State, urging owners to, “be understanding and follow these new mandates.” 

As many business owners know, these mandates cut in half the allowed seating capacity at locations such as restaurants and bars.

Michael Filicetti (Niagara County Sheriff):

Filicetti’s message for residents: “I want to assure everyone that our patrol functions, our 911 center, and correctional facility are still fully operational and will continue to operate.”

Furthermore, he shared an alteration in protocol, “We do have one restriction at our correctional facility.  There are no contact visits allowed.”  Filicietti expanded, “The safety of our inmates and staff has to take priority with everything that’s going on right now.”

Daniel Stapleton (Public Health Director):

The Public Health Director wanted to be clear with the press, “We have no confirmed cases in Niagara County.  We have 12 individuals who are quarantined in their homes.”

Addressing what to do if you feel flu like symptoms, Stapleton explained, “If you have symptoms which are consistent with Coronavirus, which are identical to the seasonal flu, call your personal physicians before you go to their office, do not go their directly.”

Concluding his statements, Stapleton remarked, “We are operating as if this Coronavirus is already here in Niagara County.  We’re not new to this. You can count on us to make sure everything is taken care of. We’re on top of this.”