Suspected killer in gruesome 2015 homicide of Terri Lynn Bills arraigned at Niagara County Court

Yasin Abdu Sabur was arraigned yesterday morning at the Niagara County Courthouse in Lockport for the 2015 murder and dismemberment of Terri Lynn Bills in Niagara Falls.

Lt. Kelly Rizzo of the NFPD speaks on Yasin Abdu Sabur arraignment for the 2015 Niagara Falls murder.

Lt. Kelly Rizzo of the Niagara Falls Police Department explained the circumstances in which they took custody of Sabur:

“The defendant was serving a sentence for domestic violence in the second degree and child neglect in South Carolina and was extradited here on Friday, February 28, 2020, to face this indictment after serving nearly a year.  The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division went to South Carolina to take custody of Abu Sabur and directed him to the custody of our County Jail.”

Additionally, Rizzo thanked Detective Troy Earp of the NFPD for his tireless efforts in seeking answers for the family of Terri Lynn Bills, explaining, “This has been Detective Earp’s case from day one, and it’s never been far from his thoughts.  Despite his other caseload, he always found time to circle back and follow up leads into this case.”

NFPD Detective Troy Earp spent over four years searching for the accused murderer.

Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek took to the podium next, immediately addressing prior speculation that this case was linked to the 2012 murder and dismemberment of Loretta Jo Gates in Niagara Falls:

“Due to the gruesome nature in these crimes, this case was very much tied in the media to the death of Loretta Gates.  This arrest allows us to say for certain that we do not have a serial killer within our community.”

Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek speaks with the Bills family after arraignment.

Wojtaszek explained the impossibility of Sabur being the same killer in both crimes, stating, “He (Sabur) was serving time for a felony conviction at the time of her (Loretta Gates) death.”

The district attorney addressed both the Bills and Gates families, “We know that the past few days have been trying ones for both the Bills and Gates families, and while the most important thing today is that we have arraigned the man that we find to be responsible for the murder of Terri Lynn Bills.  We want to remind the family of Loretta Gates that we have not stopped searching for the person responsible for her death.”

Lastly, expanding upon aging cases this heinous nature, Wojtaszek spoke on the import of finding these perpetrators, regardless of time passed, “The violent taking of someones life is never forgotten, and forever stays in our hearts and minds until justice is done.”