New boutique offers surplus of beautiful vintage finds in Lockport

Ladies of the Locks Vintage Home Boutique Owners Donna Lafler and Kristen Spinks describe each other as “kindred spirits,” and not too long after meeting, found themselves opening a shop of antiquities and home décor in the old Lockport Federal Building on 1 East Avenue.

Owners: Donna Lafler and Kristen Spinks.

The building (which many remember as the old post office) is completely restored to the grandeur of yesteryear, affording some local business’s a space to call home.

Lots of options.

The cheerful duo couldn’t be happier with their decision on where to set up shop; Kristen stating, “Lockport has been great with us.  The businesses in town have been really supportive.” 

Donna added to that sentiment, making a point of local businesses in Lockport sticking together for the betterment of the community, “Even the businesses that do kind of the same thing as we do, we find there isn’t that competitive kind of spirit.  We all want to work together to build the area.”

Furniture, linens, lamps…

When asked: Why the Federal Building?  While gazing around the room, Donna answered, “When we saw this, everything else was out, this was just the building for us,” Kristen adding, “Just walking in and looking at this beautiful, stunning space.  It needed someone to love it, like we do.  It’s just such a wonderful backdrop for the goods we offer.”

Art on display for sale.

Ladies of the Locks Vintage Home Boutique is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays until 4 p.m.

For more information on their goods and services, you can visit the ‘Ladies’ here:

Outside entrance on 1 East Ave. in Lockport.