Medina’s Shirt Factory goes speakeasy for the third time

The Shirt Factory in Medina held its third roaring 20’s styled event Thursday night, attracting patrons to eat, drink and dress the part of someone seeking a little relaxation at an old-time speakeasy.

Visitors enjoy handcrafted drinks at the bar.

Scott Robinson explained his and fellow owners’ inspiration for the event, “Part of it comes down to what we modeled the bar after with more speakeasy style décor and craftsmanship.” 

Scott Robinson prepares drinks for patrons decked out in roaring 20’s attire.

Robinson added, “It also just makes sense.  We are one hundred years from when it took effect.”

A group who traveled from around Cambria enjoy their meal and drinks.

If you missed this event, no need to worry, as usual another one is coming soon. 

‘Barre to Bar Mardi Gras Style’ is being hosted by Village Spin and Shirt Factory coming up on February 29th, which involves a 40-minute low-impact workout in the backroom of the Shirt Factory, followed by some handcrafted drinks at the bar. 

Lastly, the events Facebook page wants you to know, if you do make the trip, “Masks, beads, boa’s and bold outfits aren’t required but they are definitely welcome!”