Niagara County Legislature honors Newfane student-athlete for hole-in-one

Legislator John Syracuse of District 14 happily gave the Niagara County Legislature a short reprieve from more serious matters at their last regular board meeting, honoring the achievements of Newfane student-athlete Dalton Harlach.

Bringing Dalton and his family to the podium; Syracuse expanded on the young man’s accomplishments,

“Every once in a while, there’s a special young student-athlete that comes across Niagara County, and what he was able to do in the fall of last year, it’s incredible.” 

Legislator John Syracuse speaks on Newfane student Dalton Harlach’s athletic and academic achievements.

During the Niagara-Orleans All League tournament in October of last year, Dalton hit his mark in one shot on hole twelve, sinking the ball from 145 yards away.

Syracuse gave a few more details, highlighting the feats rarity, “This was the first time a hole-in-one was ever recorded at the all-league match.  The odds of an average golfer hitting a hole in one is 12.5 thousand to 1.”

Dalton’s dedication to academics equals his dedication to golf, Syracuse explained, “He’s also attending Niagara-Orleans BOCES studying electronics and plans on becoming an electrician.  He’s an honor roll student, and he was recently inducted into the Niagara Technical Honors Society.”

Lastly, Syracuse stated, “At this time, this great legislative body wants to present you with the hole-in-one recognition award for a job well done.”