Medina’s Lee-Whedon Memorial Library gives rock to the people, and the people arrive

Lee-Whedon’s “Finally Fridays!” live band concert series, sponsored in part by Go-Art (a regional arts council serving Genesee and Orleans Counties,) is drawing large crowds in Medina this winter season. 

Attendees filled the library; braving the cold to hear the rock band ‘Lyin Eyes’ perform a soothing set of light pieces for community members. 

The event is free, and Lee Whedon’s Director, Catherine Cooper, explained the concert series goal, “The whole idea is to bring live music to the community, and the diversity of live music.” 

Rock band ‘Lyin Eyes’ plays for community members at Lee-Whedon Memorial Library.

The event, which has expanded from four shows to ten shows since the series inception 19 years ago, gives community residents a little something extra to do in the winter months, explained Cooper.  Also, adding that in the face of a western New York winter, “There’s nothing like live music.”