“It’s only a matter of time,” says Public Health Director for Niagara County on Coronavirus reaching the State

Niagara County Public Health Director Daniel Stapleton gave his thoughts on prevention and safeguarding from the Coronavirus.  “We do not have any cases in New York State, for now,” he stated to the room of representatives.  Stapleton expanded, “The numbers are fairly rapidly increasing across the United States,” adding, “in China, they’re out of control.”’

Stapleton reassured the room, “I want the legislature to know we are on top of this.  We deal with diseases every single day.”  Although, he suggested tracking the virus does provide challenges, “These numbers are changing every single day.  I had a meeting with the C.D.C. and those numbers changed at the meeting.”

Director of Niagara County Department of Health Daniel Stapleton speaks to the Niagara County Legislature regarding the Coronavirus.

The Health Director conveyed his frustrations, regarding this situations similarity to past diseases finding their way passed China’s borders,

“Things get out of control in China, and they don’t let anyone in to help until it’s out of control.  This has been going on for months, and now that they can no longer handle it, they then ask other nations for help.” 

Stapleton also shared data, unveiling that fatalities from the Coronavirus are at 3%, compared to the SARS virus which had a fatality rate of 15%.  With that in mind, Stapleton commented on what he considers the most pressing concern in Niagara County, the more generic strands of the Flu virus which per year: Kills 30,000 people nationwide and infects 90,000 statewide.  Furthermore, he urged vaccinations for county residents, which are widely available at most area pharmacies.

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