Medina Facebook Group Launches Fundraiser to Support Local Cancer Fighting Not-for-Profit

Medina is in a tight knit area, and that spirit (not surprisingly) has found a home online. 

The Facebook community entitled ‘Memories of Medina’ launched a campaign recently in support of the well-known local not-for-profit group: The Richard Knights – Sue Kaderli Memorial Fund.

The operation being supported by the social media group is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit battling cancer in Orleans County for decades now.

Missy Schening, an administrator in ‘Memories of Medina’, gave her thoughts on why she started the fundraiser:

“I’ve always wanted to help with the group, and I found out I could start a fundraiser.”  Schening continued, “It’s my first fundraiser, I’m so happy I could put Facebook to good use.  If this is successful, I have a few other charities I want to try out.”

Currently, the community fundraiser has raised $845.00, but Schening is keeping it open with the hopes to break $1,000 by February 11th

Stacey Knights Pellicano (daughter of the late Richard Knights) from the Richard Knights-Sue Kaderli Memorial Fund gave some info on her longstanding Organization. 

Remarking on her father, Pellicano explained what this not-for-profit means to the legacy of a former agrarian, business owner, and active member of varying political committees, “It is his family’s wish that he not only be remembered for his business and professional contributions to the community, but also for his warm, friendly and compassionate personality. It is their hope that his spirit and memory live on through this fund. Dick would be proud.”

Additionally, Pellicano provided thoughts from the Kaderli family, “Sue’s family copes with the loss of their mother by helping others who are fighting cancer.  It is their hope that Sue’s gift of compassion for helping people will live on through the aid of this worthwhile fund named in her memory.”

Sue Kaderli was a lifelong resident of Medina whose named merged with the fund years after the passing of Richard Knights in 1984.  This led her four children and other beloved family to offer a merging with the existing fundraiser.  Moreover, the Knight-Kaderli Memorial Fund was born.

In order to donate, Click Here: to see their website and PayPal.