Lockport’s Lock Keeper Coffee House Offers More Than Just a Beverage

The Lock Keeper Coffee House on 272 East Avenue began its rotation of monthly art exhibits last night, kicking off February with displays from Lee Williams, a local photographer and head of PugBully Studios.

Photographer Lee Williams of PugBully Studios.

Williams has been at it about five years now, owner of a local print shop, he dedicated his machinery to something new – The creation of local art.

This business is as much a multipurpose activity space as it is a coffee house explained owner Stacey Sonnelitter.  Furthermore, Sonnelitter (a licensed Physician’s Assistant) wants the location to promote health, relaxation and well-being; while dueling as a space to pursue your “passion, hobbies and interests.”

Stacey Sonnelitter sits for a photo in the kids creative room.

Elaborating on the floorplans homelike design, Sonnelitter unveiled, “I didn’t change much with the structure or the rooms,” she continued, “What it is, is a lot of what the building already was.”

Visitors enjoy music, play chess, relax and look at art.

Lastly, Sonnelitter chatted about community professionals with skills to teach, (photography, painting, writing, languages, etc.…)  “Were always looking for people from the community who want to come in and teach something,” also noting, “Independent contractors keep what they make.”

(Art Curator and Barista) Claire Beaulieu chats with guests – gives out drinks.