Medina Village Board delivers multiple updates: App integration for citizen interaction considered, $65,000 in grant funding, and more…

The Village Board meeting in Medina this week was chock-full of updates and information.


Mayor Mike Sidari gave the latest on modernizing the lines of communication between citizen and representative.  IWORQ, a company specializing in efficient software solutions for community and public works departments, recently caught the Mayors eye.  Sidari briefly described the technology,  

“It sounds like an app type situation where if residents have any complaints, comments or concerns, they can get online and the message will be directed to the appropriate department head.” 

Another meeting with a representative of IWORQ is scheduled for Thursday morning.  Mayor Sidari will hear more at that time on what this company has to offer Village residents.  Furthermore, relaying that information at the next meeting of the Board.

Holley/Medina shared services proposal:

New LED public lighting is coming to Medina, but with it comes a conundrum.  The Mayor outlined the issue, stating, “National Grid wants us to have somebody on board for if something happens with the streetlights and they need repaired.  They want a Village worker who is State certified to work on those types of lights.”

Sidari presented a solution: After working with Holley’s Mayor Brian Sorochty, a possible deal is in the works, with Mayor Sidari noting to the Board, “The Village of Holley has their own electric department with someone who is certified in that type of street lighting.”

Mayor Sidari proposed a shared services program with the Mayor of Holley for Medina’s street sweeping services (4-6 times per year) in exchange for access to Holley’s certified technician if a new model streetlight requires repair.

Trustee Marguerite Sherman explored an inhouse solution, wondering, “How much does it cost to get someone certified?” 

Public Works Department Head Joe Perry gave insight on the issue, stating, “It’s a give and take,” regarding cost.  He explained, LED lighting malfunctions rarely happen, and the cost incurred to certify a Village employee could out-expense the cost of sweeping Holley’s streets four to six times per year. 

The Board requested Perry bring in the specific figures on the cost of certification for LED lighting, while the Board investigates the precise cost of sweeping Holley’s approximately twelve miles of street. 

Concerning transport of machinery, there would be no cost to the Village directly, the County has agreed to transport the machinery if this plan comes to fruition. 


“We finally got some movement on the DASNY Grant”, stated Mayor Sidari, elaborating that the Village of Medina has qualified for $65,000 in funding for energy conservation renovations from Albany. 

A variety of work will be applied to chosen municipal buildings, such as: New windows at the Village office; weatherization of City Hall, and new front doors for the Waste-Water Treatment Plant.