Community fights for Ronald Cheatham to remain in employment at North Park Junior High in Lockport

The Lockport School Board meeting on Beatie Avenue spilled into the hallways last night; concerned residents (young and old) gathering in support of a longstanding figure within the district, Ron Cheatham.

Cheatham, a former employee of GM Harrison Radiator/Delphi in Lockport for thirty years; a Distinguished Alumni of the Lockport School District for the class of 1976, and a dedicated school mediator since the early 2000’s sat in the crowd as attendees took to the mic speaking on his behalf.

Ron Cheatham chats after the meeting with reporters.

Maya Bradberry, a 10th grader at Lockport High School spoke frankly with the board, “You see all of these people in this room?  Everybody is here for him, (Ron Cheatham.)  Everybody wants to experience the Mr. Cheatham experience.” 

Bradberry continued, “He truly has a longstanding effect on everyone he meets.  He’s just a great person inside and out; he helps everybody to do right.” 

10th Grader Maya Bradberry speaks to the Lockport Board of Education.

Maya also noted Mr. Cheatham is a constant positive influence for students, who often calms you down when you’re frustrated, helping to avoid altercations. 

Resident of Lockport Holly Springfield spoke to the board as well, “I am not exactly sure why a man who spreads positivity and joy throughout North Park Junior High as well as Lockport would be forced into retirement.”

Holly Springfield speaks to the Board, “Mr. Cheatham taught my son how to tie his first tie,” she stated, requesting they keep Cheatham on staff.

Springfield pressed on:

“The one person who seems to always be there for these young adults is Mr. Ron Cheatham.  I hope you allow someone as priceless as Mr. Cheatham to remain within our School District for as long as he is willing to be around our young men and women.”

Teria Young, a parent of a child currently at North Park Junior High, pointed towards Mr. Cheatham’s role as a moral leader to the children he oversees, “Yes, school is about education, but it’s also about raising kids with good character.  That’s what Mr. Cheatham is all about.” 

Teria Young shares her thoughts with the board.

Furthermore, Young urged the board to reconsider their decision after seeing the large outcry to retain Mr. Cheatham as an employee of the Lockport City School District. 

Lastly, Teria exclaimed before yielding her time, “Whatever Mr. Cheatham can give, we need that.”

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  1. So if this gets approved, does every member of his union also get the option to work part time? His union contract says that he will still get benefits working half time. So if he gets to do this many others will, then our taxes will have to pay for two workers with benefits for each position!! He sounds like a great person, but he never should have filed for social security if he wanted to keep working!!

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