Middleport Village Board discusses lack of Canal revitalization funding from State

Trustee Dennis McAvoy became slightly perturbed at Wednesday nights Village Board meeting, highlighting concerns that not enough State dollars earmarked for the Erie Canal revitalization are making their way to Middleport.

“The project for revitalization is bringing millions into the surrounding areas,” McAvoy stated.  He continued, “In Orleans County they seem quite linked into it, from Medina all the way to Holley.  Is there some way we can start getting involved in order to compete for some of that funding?”

Village Clerk Rebecca Schweigert responded plainly, “A lot of that money is already earmarked,” Mayor Westcott adding, “We’re on a list, we’re just not very high up on that list.”  Westcott explained that Middleport’s repairs are categorized by the State as mostly “cosmetic.”

McAvoy suggested, “How about we push a safety angle?”  Furthermore, pointing out parts of the Middleport Erie Canal are giving way to erosion, creating a hazard for boaters docking and citizens walking.

Westcott informed McAvoy, “We can try again, because we’ve already tried that angle and it didn’t get us any further on the list than we are now.”