Head of Operations at BOMET Recovery in Albion Details Proposed “Zero-Waste” Recycling Facility Considered for Medina Business Park

Rob Fulwell, Head of Operations at the recycling facility in Albion, gave detailed plans for the “zero-waste” plastics-only operation which may be coming to the Medina Business Park near Bates Road.

While the facility in Albion deals in the dismantling of both metals and plastics, Fulwell wanted clarity regarding any plans for a Medina facility, “I’m 100% positive it’s not metals and it’s just plastics.”

BOMET Recovery Inc. in Albion

Furthermore, Fulwell explained that his facility in Albion and any facility in Medina would be zero-waste, “We don’t actually process it here; we dismantle it and break it down.  After that we ship it out to the refineries.” 

When asked why BOMET chose Medina for the proposal, Fulwell stated, “They sent me all around New York State looking at warehouses,” further unveiling, “I mean, I’m looking at stuff that should have been condemned in the 50’s.”

Fulwell, a lifelong resident of Medina, notified the corporate structure for Canadian based BOMET Recovery of an idea, “I said: There’s an industrial park started right now in Medina.  Why don’t we just look into building our own facility – the way you want it – from the ground up?”

Additionally, the BOMET employee explained why an expansion into its stateside operations, and why they are earmarking a proposed facility two times larger than the one in Albion for only plastics in Medina, “The reason we want to start a new place is: There’s so much money in plastics yet there are so very few facilities that process them in the U.S.” 

When asked where the plastics are sent for the final stages of the recycling process after his staff breaks them down, Fulwell stated, “Right now, all of our plastics go overseas,” further explaining a severe lack of U.S. based plastics facilities within the industry as a whole.