Wilson Varsity Boy’s outpace Mustangs — Explode with Intensity in 4th Quarter Taking the Win

The Wilson Lakemen battled three quarters neck-to-neck against the Medina Mustangs Tuesday night, clinching the win after a flurry of baskets in the 4th quarter, 51-43.

The two teams went to work in the first quarter, amassing 16 points each, with Wilson’s Luke Bradley netting three 3-pointers.

Wilson’s Luke Bradley breaks through for 2 points.

The second quarter saw the Mustangs edge out, pulling in 8 points against Wilson’s 7 points, Nate Sherman of Medina led the period with 4 points from two layups.

Mustang Nate Sherman goes for the layup.

The third quarter involved the same general back-and-forth of the first half, Wilson taking the quarter with 12 points against Medina’s 11 points, Wilson’s Luke Bradley leading the way with 7 points.

The teams came out equally charged in the 4th quarter, but Medina was off on their shots, constantly pushing into comfortable shooting range with little overall gain. 

Medina Coach Tom Forrestel calls for the timeout as the score starts to slip away.

Wilson did the same amount of work, returning balls quickly down the court after each Mustang miss, the exception being they sank twice the baskets.  Wilson took the 4th quarter with 16 points, compared to the Mustang’s 8 points, securing their position as victor.

Dontea Rhim puts up furious defense against Michael Miller.

Wilson Varsity Coach Brett Sippel remarked on the game, “Medina is always a tough team,” attributing his team’s win to their being “selfless” with their teamwork when passing the ball between one another.

The shot count for Wilson is as follows: Luke Bradley with 19 points; Benjamin Lyman with 8 points; Michael Miller with 7 points; Alexander Martinez with 6 points; Julian Andreola with 4 points, and Thompson, Mahar and Jaques each had 2 points.

The shot count for Medina is as follows: Tyler Chinn with 13 points; Nate Sherman with 10 points; Joe Cecchini with 8 points; Brian Fry with 6 points; while Dontea Rhim, Jarin Rhim and Christian Drisdom each netted 2 points.