Medina Village Board Welcomes New Fire Chief — Thanks Former Chief Lupo for Outstanding Leadership

The Village of Medina Fire Department has announced some changes effective immediately within the rank and file of their organization. 

Chief Thomas Lupo’s press release stating: “The Village of Medina Fire Department Is going to start the new decade off with a leadership change as well as two firefighters.”

The three men ascending the ranks: Firefighter Jacob A. Crooks is promoted to Lieutenant; Lieutenant Michael J. Young is promoted to Captain; and Captain Matthew C. Jackson is promoted to Chief of Department.

Captain Michael J. Young, Lieutenant Jacob A. Brooks and Chief of Department Matthew C. Jackson stand for a photo.

Chief Lupo, who will be officially ending his role as Fire Chief on January 18th, briefly gave a statement of gratitude during the Boards vote to accept his resignation, “Thank you for the opportunity to lead your Fire Department.  It was one of the most satisfying endeavors in my career.” 

The Board “regretfully” accepts Chief Lupo’s resignation.

Captain Jackson, now to be Chief Jackson, gave insight on his admiration for the Medina Fire Department, remarking on the excellent level of “professionalism” and “standard of care” provided by the EMS workers. 

Former Chief Lupo passes down leadership to Chief Jackson.

Also, when asked if ready to take on this new role, Jackson responded without hesitation, “I am; I have been a Captain for just about three years now and have the had the opportunity to work with and learn from Chief Lupo.”

The two Chiefs shake after the ceremony is complete.