Libertarian Candidate for New York’s 27th Congressional District Unloads On Other Candidates at Scripts Café

Duane Whitmer, Congressional Candidate and Erie County Libertarian Party Chairman, unloaded on Republicans and Democrats alike when explaining why he got into politics, “What happened was, in 2018 when I went to vote, I literally had the option of the lesser of two evils”

He continued, “We had Collins indicted on insider trading, or McMurray, who philosophically has zero in common with me.” 

Duane also noted that McMurray is hard to read, flip-flopping from pro-gun to anti-NRA, and from a Democratic-Capitalist to a Democratic-Socialist platform.  “Then he threatened to shoot Mike Madigan, so I was very confused as to what I was voting for,” Duane quipped on the former Grand Island Supervisor who is again running for Congress after losing to Chris Collins in the previous election.

He concluded McMurray did get one thing right, “Chris Collins was a lame duck politician who did nothing.  He did no town halls or meetings because he knew he was going to win.”

Whitmer outlined his thoughts on political dysfunction and some citizens tiring of traditional two-party politics, “There’s a market here for a third party, and there needs to be one.”  He further lamented, “There’s no option, no market – No consumer driven politics.”

The Libertarian Chairman then shared an overview of his platform, gliding across multiple subjects:

On the 2nd Amendment: “My opinion is civilians should have access to the exact same weapons the government has,” explaining that by conceding your right to bear arms, this creates the dilemma of, “making the government a higher order and creating a hierarchy where they are above the people.” 

On Congressional pay: “I don’t think politicians should get a pension in Congress,” further elaborating, “Talk about welfare kings and queens, that’s what they are.”  Also describing how these pensions often reach into the six-figure payment scale.

Social Security: “What happens with Social Security is it’s not sitting in a trust; they’re tapping into it constantly.  The government is terrible at balancing the books,” pressing the point that these funds will often go to acts of war and congressional salaries.

Public Education: “Yes, on some public funding, but there should be easier access to homeschools.”  Whitmer added his belief that boards of education are typically filled with people who don’t know exactly what they’re doing, stating, “let teachers and districts decide what’s best.”

Socialized Healthcare: “No, absolutely not – We have a form of socialized healthcare in the V.A. and it’s terrible.  So, we’re going to expand that to 330,000,000 people?  No.”

Law Enforcement: “I feel really bad for police officers right now,” he continued, “Albany is passing these progressively aggressive laws that cops are stuck enforcing or they could lose their jobs.”  Duane expanded, giving some words for officers of the law placed in this position, “Stop enforcing stand-alone S.A.F.E. Act legislation, and if you’re going to lose your job for it, come out publicly.  This way you can get support and let people know what’s going on.”

Lastly, Duane shared some remarks on Governor Cuomo’s leadership over the years.  When discussing the ‘Buffalo billions’ scandal, he remarked, “He (Cuomo) is either guilty or inept.  He either knows that everyone around him is dirty and he’s involved in it, or he’s stupid, and based on that he should just leave office.”