Candidate for Niagara County District Attorney Holds Fundraiser with High Turnout

Brian Seaman, currently running for Niagara County District Attorney, held a get-together at 80 Main Banquet & Catering in Lockport Thursday night where a robust crowd joined in support of the candidate.

Assemblyman Mike Norris was in attendance, and gave high praise to the accomplished lawyer, who stood near the door greeting attendees.  The two are business partners together running Seaman Norris LLP in Lockport off Davison Road.  Norris stated,

Seaman greets Assembly member Angelo Morinello of Niagara Falls to the event.

“I’ve known him for many years; he is an extraordinary lawyer.”  Norris continued, “I know that he will be a great benefit to the people of Niagara County.  His whole legal background makes him ready for this moment.”

Seaman has a hearty resume with varying roles as a legal professional.  These include: Former Clerk to a Magistrate Judge in the Federal Court System; a Niagara County Prosecutor, and as Attorney for the Town of Lockport.

80 Main St. in Lockport fills with supporters.

Current District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek was in attendance, supporting who she sees as a qualified successor, and was pleased to see so many come out, “This is beautiful.  It’s a great crowd, and it’s nice to see all of those friendly faces.”

Current Niagara County D.A. – Caroline Wojtaszek

Seaman did find a gap between greeting those who entered and gave a few words on how to drive down crime in Niagara County, stating we need to, “Be tough” and “Prosecute cases of repeat offenders in our communities.”