Medina Planning Board Hears Proposal on Constructing Major Recycling Facility Near Bates Road

The Board met with a few business proposals from the public, most notably among them, BME Associates; an engineering firm presenting plans on behalf of BoMET Recovery LLC, a Canadian company whose headquarters are seated in Cambridge, Ontario.

BoMET describes itself on their website as: “A specialist in the sourcing, processing and supply of Scrap Metals, Secondary Metals, Master Alloys, and Pure Metals.”

Project Engineer Rebecca Spurr for BME gave some general insight on the projects design, stating one plan for a 40,600 square foot building, and subsequent to that, future proposals for a 54,400 square foot expansion. 

Engineers Martin Janda and Rebecca Spurr of BME Associates give presentation.

Spurr briefly detailed hiring opportunities, “Employment should be around 25 hires at build-out,” further stating, “It will be shift work, as well – Two shifts.”

Chairman Christopher Busch had a question, “This is all going to be sent in on truck, basically?  It’s not going to take in public scrap metal or anything like that, right?”  Spurr clarified, explaining it would all be sent in on trucks during the day.

Gabrielle Barone, Vice President of Business Development for the Orleans Economic Development Agency, attended the proposal, and brought forth a question to ensure the areas green spaces are preserved, “What is the plan on an exterior dumpster?”  A fair question as the presented blueprints seemingly provided no concrete answer.

Gabrielle Barone peppers the Engineers with questions, making sure they consider the needs of nearby residents.

Environmental Services Manager for BME Martin Janda promptly responded, “We won’t have any outside.”

Barone pushed the topic, seeking a more concise answer, “So, it will be contained in the interior of the building?  If outside, I’d like to stipulate the right kind of enclosure.”

Vice Chairman John Dieter leaned over and openly reassured Barone, “We share that same stipulation.”

Ultimately, the two Engineers reassured the room, elaborating that a properly detailed waste enclosure will be added to the plans by the next meeting.