Building Devoured by Tragic 2016 Arson Fire Set to Be Rebuilt in Lockport’s Industrial District

Timothy Arlington, President of Apex Engineering, made his case for the reconstruction of a partially destroyed building belonging to HTI Recycling on 490 Ohio Street at Monday nights Planning Board Meeting.

The structure up for rehabilitation partially fell as the result of a tragic fire in 2016, caused by arson, leaving one of the teenager’s responsible dead, and the other on probation.  The Buffalo News reported in 2016 that the fire started in an empty building on the sites property where the teens were igniting paper until things went out of control. 

Apex CEO Timothy Arlington shows pictures of the fires devastation from 2016.

The fire quickly spread to other structures including one with 8 million pounds of ground up tires, causing hundreds of area homes to be evacuated, as the fire took days being fully extinguished.

Arlington gave an assessment of how the sites owner Derek Martin wants to rebuild, “What Derek is proposing is to reconstruct the other two walls, a pre-engineered frame system, and of course reconstructing the roof similar to what it was before.”

Arlington presents to the Lockport Planning Board.

The Professional Engineer also disclosed that Martin is more than likely slating this location for storage (as before) or to set up another company that manufactures a product directly in line with what they do now.

Planning Board Chairman Terry Harmon did have one question, “Will there be any type of fire system put in it?”

Arlington’s response was quick, explaining that based on this being a ‘Type 2’ construction project, it did not require one.

Megan Brewer, Inspection Data Coordinator and Zoning Officer, gave a reminder on this meeting’s goal, “Just to reiterate this Board is only here for the aesthetic value of this project,” further stating that interior questions or objections will be saved for another meeting.

Megan Brewer talks specifics with Chairman Harmon.

Arlington made a short statement on the life claiming fire in 2016, “It was a serious accident, and it was tragic.”

Ultimately, the Planning Board passed Arlington’s request, and the building should be once again standing come springtime.

A plan for the buildings reconstruction.