Lockport Lions Declaw Tigers in Tight Battle for Dominance

The Varsity Boy’s took the court in force last night ultimately outpacing and outshooting the Amherst players for an upset victory, 67-63.

Anthony Haak on the tip-off
Ceion McDowell attempts to vault over player for a layup. He missed; yet this type of diehard effort was in play by the Lions all night.
Douglas Imario swiping away a Tigers chance to even-up.
Ken Williams hits a three pointer.
Ceion McDowell flying for the layup.
Brayden Velia hits three pointer from courts edge.

Lockport Coach Dave Gilson spoke on the victory after the game, “It was good. We played with some emotion and passion we haven’t shown in the last games.”

He continued, “They handled themselves with great composure against a solid team.”

The total shot tally for the Lockport Lions is as follows: Ceion Mcdowell with 23 points; Kam Williams with 13 points; Brayden Velia with 11 points; while Douglas Imario and Mike Molinaro both had 6 points.