A New Year with a New Council

An inauguration ceremony at the Lockport Palace Theatre for the 2020 Common Council and re-elected Mayor Michelle Roman drew a crowd of spectators this New Year’s Day.

Jackie Davis sings the national anthem.

Assemblyman Mike Norris played Master of Ceremonies to the event, giving his holiday wishes while congratulating the local legislators, “Before we begin the swearing-in ceremonies: I would like to just wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year as we start this new chapter and beginning in our great city.  Also, to the newly elected officials, thanks for stepping up.”

Mayor Roman says after just one year of working with Assemblyman Mike Norris she’s truly looking forward to four more.

Mayor Roman took time in sharing her thoughts on the Councils new layout, “I’m just looking forward to starting a new year with a new council, I think we’ll work well together.”

When asked to expand, Roman explained, “I don’t believe parties should be above what’s best for the community, I think this Council agrees with me on that point.”

Mayor Roman speaks at Lockport Palace.

Chris Parada, longtime Executive Director at the historic theatre, remarked on the establishments growing role in community events,

“This event and the others that have happened, and those that will be happening, points towards the Palace being a community hub for Lockport, and that evolution is pretty exciting to witness.”