After 26 Years of Service — Niagara County Sheriff Signs Off One Last Time…

James Voutour started his law enforcement career 26 years ago in Jamestown and ever since has skyrocketed up the ranks until landing himself the position of Niagara County Sheriff for the last eleven years.

With a territory of 1,140 square miles and a population exceeding 215,000 residents, Sheriff Voutour dedicated endless time and energy to protecting Niagara County residents and teaching the next generation of law enforcement the skills required to serve.

As the Chief ended the final day of his career with a last check-in call to dispatch, a thankful response commemorating the Chief’s time at the Sheriff’s office was delivered,

“After 26 years of honorable service to the citizens of Niagara County and the people of the State of New York: The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office recognizes Sheriff James Voutour for his dedication, professionalism, integrity and leadership.”

Dispatch continued,

“We have known him as a Deputy, Sergeant, Captain, Chief-Deputy and Sheriff, but most importantly as a friend.  He has encouraged us; directed us, and always had time for each of us.”

Dispatch ended with regards on the future, “May your future be filled with enjoyment and time with your family.  We will never forget you.  Thank you for your service and God bless you.