Pups Meet Potential Owners at Orleans County Animal Shelter on Christmas Day

Arlo isn’t bashful when it’s time for a “Pup-Treat” supplied by Lake Effect Ice Cream.

ALBION, December 25 – The Friends of Orleans County Animal Shelter, a 501 not-for-profit organization working in conjunction with the County to find stray and abandoned animals loving forever homes, had a Christmas gathering of potential rescuers today.

Bob is eager to say hello: Also a huge fan of treats.

Joette McHugh is the President of this Organization; her husband Bill McHugh explained the process, “This shelter belongs to the County of Orleans beneath the Animal Control and Sheriff’s Department.  Our role is to take the applications for review, making sure the home they’re going to will be safe, and also supply the animals with things like: The rabies vaccine, de-flea and de-worm medicine, spay and neutering services, and a variety of other medical needs.”

Scrappy just wants to know what all the commotion is about…
We cannot forget the cat room — Meet Timothy.