Medina and Lockport Enjoy Large Volume of Holiday Shoppers this Season

The resurgence of local retail seems very real in Medina and Lockport this shopping season; as customers buzz in and out of stores spending local dollars in a local market, and quite often on local goods.

Within the last five to ten years certain communities in Western New York have experienced bouts of steady growth in their downtowns, largely due to area entrepreneurs setting up shop, and local governments successful efforts in revitalizing their commercial districts. 

Maggie Lester working at Julie Muscato Home.

At Julie Muscato Home in Lockport, owned by Julie Muscato, store employee Maggie Lester gave her thoughts on the high volume of shoppers, “People are excited to shop back in town again!”  Further pointing out a renewed fever pitch for local goods, “People seem to like coming in partly because we offer a variety of goods from local artists, jewelers and things like that.”

Della’s Chocolates in Medina.
Owner Suzanne Fuller says on holiday traffic, “It has been very good and pretty exciting trying to keep up.”
ellen j goods in Medina.
J.R. Brundage who was manning the counter of ellen j goods attributes the stores success to owner and wife Lynne Brundage, “Lynne is the voice and brains of this place, she put’s it all together.