Devine Surprises Lockport City Board with Call for Unplanned Vote to Ratify City Workers Contracts

“I’ve said it before: I believe we have the money.  So, I’m just putting this resolution out there,” stated 3rd Ward Alderman and Common Council President Mark Devine at the most recent Common Council meeting.

Common Council President and 3rd Ward Alderman: Mark Devine

5TH Ward Alderman Richard Abbott took some issue with the unscheduled resolution being brought to the floor, “Although, you (Alderman Devine) say the money is there, we (Common Council) haven’t come up with a plan as to where we will designate these financial responsibilities to be taken care of by the City, specifically.

Abbott expanded, giving his general position on the contracts, but trepidation towards an unplanned process, “I actually think that is a little irresponsible of this Council to do that.  I’m not against the contracts, but we need a specified plan to pay for it…”

5th Ward Alderman: Richard Abbott

Devine responded, “So, we vote, and it goes through, or it doesn’t, and we go back to work.”  Further stating, “I think our employees deserve to find out where we all stand on this.”

Alderman Larry Eggert entertained a second to bring the resolution forward for a vote, but not without a further examination of the process, “If I second this, it’s going to get voted down, and then the process starts again.”  Eggert’s ultimate point being: If you bring this vote to the floor then the Council will be forced to decide, and upon an expected downvote the negotiation process would start from scratch.

Ultimately, the call to vote on a resolution to ratify employee contracts as they are currently written did not receive a second.