Middleport Village Board Authorizes Purchase of New Police Vehicle

MIDDLEPORT, December 16 – The Village Board met for their regular meeting Monday night, covering a variety of topics, while also authorizing purchase of a new 2020 Ford Interceptor at a cost of $37,941.15.

Local Police Chief John Swick explained that a current service vehicle is getting near the end of its usefulness with an odometer reading of approximately 85,000 miles.  Also accounting for the fact that by the time the order is received, (approximately 4 months,) the odometer on the 2015 Tahoe will likely read close to 100,000 miles. 

Prior to this resolution’s approval, Village Clerk Rebecca Shweigert quipped, “Fingers crossed we have the money to pay for it, right?”

This drew curiosity from Trustee Wayne Blumrick, “Would you recommend waiting?” 

Shweigert replied, “If we don’t have the money now, we probably won’t have it in April, lets just keep our fingers crossed we do have it.” 

When prompted by Blumrick to clarify, Schweigert gave further details, “The State has delayed a lot of payments to us this year, and it’s supposed to come in later.  So, let’s hope that happens.”  Also sharing that one payment of approximately $20,000 slotted from the State for December was postponed until May of 2020.