Mayor Conveys Gratitude to Middleport Fire Department

MIDDLEPORT, December 16 — The Middleport Fire Department has been busy this year with a total of 20 calls this month and 247 calls total for the year.

A recent fire in a house on Vernon Street left one residence in danger of destruction, but thanks to the timely response and coordinated efforts of the M.F.D., the structure is still inhabitable without even a disruption in power.

Mayor Westcott conveyed gratitude to Fire Chief Jim Volkosh during Monday’s board meeting,

“The Village would like to thank the work of the fire department last weekend regarding the house fire on Vernon Street.  It was a great response and damage was held at a minimum.”

In other updates:

Police Chief John Swick revealed data on the work his department has done this month. 

This included: 8,996 miles patrolled; 131 complaint responses; 3 unlawful marijuana procession charges; 1 disorderly conduct charge; 1 criminal procession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree charge, and 27 parking tickets.