Retired Teacher Sets Mission to Preserve Local History in Medina

MEDINA, December 12 — “I think the gathering of this information is important, otherwise it will all be lost,” stated Frank Berger, an 85-year-old Medina man who keeps active in more ways than one.

Frank has a busy schedule, acting as an assistant and resource to the Iroquois Trail Councils Towpath District, spanning from Eastern Niagara to Western Orleans Counties. 

He doesn’t stop there; Frank also acts as Orleans County President for the New York State Retired Teachers Association.  This Organization works to produce the “York State,” a newsletter aiming to keep retired teachers informed on current legislation impacting their benefits, programs and services.

So, what does Frank do when he’s got some downtime.  You know, between studying legislation and promoting local youth scouting: He archives newspapers dating back decades from his own personal collection and delivers them to both the historical societies he once presided over. 

Like I said: Frank is busy.

Frank Berger at his kitchen table.

Franks keen love for local history is obvious as he effortlessly shares knowledge dating back centuries.  He even manages to tell one local writer the easiest way to access Neuter Fort off Salt Road, (which apparently you do not have to cross three cornfields to accomplish.  Whoops.)

Once Frank asked at a meeting if Historical Societies managed their own archives of old publications, the reply: “We don’t have to, because you do.”