Mark’s Pizzeria in Medina Revitalizes with Fresh New Look

MEDINA, December 10 – The longstanding local pizzeria underwent expansion recently; the new sitting area bedecked with plasma televisions, stainless steel bar seats, and a freshly glossed bar fit for a microbrewery.

Brian Christiaansen, owner of Mark’s in Medina for 22 years, gave his thoughts on the upgrades and a relatively quiet release, “We haven’t done a hard opening, we just opened last Tuesday without saying a word.”  He explained that social media and word of mouth have already done some of the work in spreading the news.

Christiaansen took time to explain his theme and layout, “We’re kind of like sports oriented.  I’ve always wanted a sports bar and a pizzeria.  So, you know, just kind of combine the two, and you can have the best of both worlds.”

When asked on his success in Medina as a business owner, Christiaansen stated plainly, “A lot of hard work, a lot of hours.”