Public comment decries need for roadway changes in Albion

ALBION, December 9 – The Town Hall met for their regular meeting Monday evening, absorbing concerns from attending Village citizen, Paul Roberts.

Roberts, who lives on the south side of Allen Road, has concerns with both the weight and speed of vehicles coming down the road traveling through the Town into the Village.  Roberts proclaimed, “What I’m here for is primarily to request a weight limit on Allen Road.  That has become nothing but a bypass and speedway around the Village of Albion with large trucks.”

He continued, pointing out ramifications of sustaining such traffic, (particularly from commercial vehicles,) “The Village of Albion side of Allen Road, that little section is getting destroyed. I mean, they don’t do any repairs on either side, Town or Village.”

Highway Superintendent Michael Neidert addressed the speed concern; describing that the process, “Requires State Police to do a survey of the traffic and speed limit, and they actually dictate what we post for speed limits.”

Highway Superintendent Michael Neidert

Neidert continued, explaining that the State Police are sent to do this on a scheduled basis, “I can look at my records and see when it was last done, but I doubt it would change anything.”  Additionally, stating that approaching the Sheriff’s Office for options was not out of the question.

Roberts then sought more options on the weight limit; Supervisor Remley mediated, suggesting the Highway Superintendent and Mr. Roberts exchange information to communicate further until the issue is fully resolved.