Cinematic experience in Medina for passengers on the Polar Express

Interior layout.

MEDINA, December 7 — The Polar Express steamed through the village Saturday, hauling happy huddled families to a winter wonderland; cocoa included, of course.

These Polar Express train rides are overseen by Warner Brothers Studios, ensuring an authentic experience, from the suspendered engineers to the blue coated conductors bellowing out instructions to the bundled crowd.

Passengers come aboard.

Janien Klotzbach, Executive Director for the Medina Railroad Museum, described her love for running the 300 ft. long monument to railed transportation.  “It’s in my blood,” she stated, standing next to a memorialized portrait of her late father Martin Phelps, who built the non-for-profit organization over two decades ago.

Focusing on the holiday festivities, Janien described her favorite part of the Christmas train rides, “The families and excitement.  Christmas is a very special time for a lot of people.  The families come and just love spending time on our trains together.”

When asked about why the Polar Express rides remain so popular, Janien replied, “Well, the movie is a classic, and riding a train is just a unique event.  It keeps people interested in the experience.”

Executive Director Janien Klotzbach.